BRICK STANLEY PROJECT inspired by the Legonaut

Legonaut from Toronto Star, Stratosphere, Canada

We got inspired by the likes of two young engineers, Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammed, who were able to take a picture of a LEGO man in the stratosphere.

Now we are attempting an experiment.  We are going to take pictures of a LEGO guy, called BRICK STANLEY, in as many parts of the world as possible doing as many different things as possible.  This is similar to a Flat Stanley Project except with LEGO.

The two engineers who inspired us, Matthew and Asad, already got a picture of him in space.  We wanted to know where else in the world we could take pictures with this LEGO guy.

In order to do this, we need your help.  We are gathering pictures of BRICK STANLEY and his travel adventures for the next two months.  At the end of the project, we will compile all the pictures and see what we came up with and how far BRICK STANLEY was able to go.

Would you like to take pictures of BRICK STANLEY and his adventures?

If so, here are the directions to participate:

  1. Create a cool LEGO Mini-figure with an old school smiley face, wearing a plain red shirt and blue pants.
  2. Find an interesting location in your area, or have BRICK STANLEY doing something unique.
  3. Take a picture of BRICK STANLEY with him standing or sitting in the bottom right hand corner of the photo.
  4. Make sure BRICK STANLEY is in focus.
  5. Post the pictures on our PLAY-WELL FACEBOOK PAGE, stating the city, state, country, and what Brick Stanley is doing.
  6. Send in as many pictures as you want.

Important items to note when taking pictures:

  • Have Brick Stanley wearing a plain red shirt, blue pants, with a old school LEGO smiley face (No Pirate Eye Patches please).
  • Have him in the bottom right hand corner of your photo, standing or sitting.  Whatever BRICK STANLEY is comfortable with.

The most creative photos will be in a drawing to win a Play-Well LEGO Engineering Birthday Party or LEGO Super Hero Mini-Figure Set.

We thank you all who decide to participate in this adventurous BRICK STANLEY PROJECT!

Here are some pictures we were able to take for inspiration.

Brick Stanley at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Brick Stanley in Times Square, New York

Brick Stanley Pumping Gas, Seattle

Brick Stanley In Chicago, IL

Brick Stanley in Burma

Brick Stanley in Florence, Italy

Brick Stanley on a Swing Set, Seattle

Brick Stanley In Many Places

6 thoughts on “BRICK STANLEY PROJECT inspired by the Legonaut

  1. Michelle says:

    we went to NYC and my son was so excited to take pictures of his Brick Stanley around the city! had a lot of fun with it!though some of the pictures did not come out great we had fun plan on snapping some more shots around town! Thanks for a great family fun project to do together!

    • Play-Well TEKnologies says:

      We are so glad that your son has had fun taking BRICK STANLEY everywhere. You can tell your son his photos are really creative! He can submit more up until March 30th, as we love seeing any pictures of BRICK STANLEY doing fun things, even when they are not on trips. Hope he submits more! Thanks again for participating in this fun project!

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