Our First Play-Well Instructor: Marco Buoncristiani

One of the first engineering instructors ever to be hired by Play-Well TEKnologies was Marco Buoncristiani in 1999.  Marco still works for us today, and is a perfect example of what our instructors are like.  The creativity he brings to the classroom is a reflection of the fun and innovative hobbies he pursues in his spare time.  He built the first ever straw bale house in Minnesota.  When he and his wife got married, they built a separate small house for their cats in the backyard. They built a tube that connected to it so their cats would be able to go between the houses without going outside.  In 2004, Marco and a fellow Play-Well instructor, Paul Heckel, were the only California-based team to build and race a solar assisted bicycle in the Topeka, Kansas ‘Solar Bike Race’.   We recently found the summary of the race and thought we should share it.  Enjoy!

Our staff is a collection of nerdy, creative people.  Find out about the rest of our staff here.

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