Team Building with Mark West

We were lucky enough to host a Play Well TEKnologies team building event for Mark West Energy today.

Mark West managers and engineers from around the country came together to connect, plan for the future, and play with a little LEGO. Collaborating through play is where innovation can happen, and we definitely saw it today.


Mark West Ticker in LEGO.


The collaboration has begun. The focus and energy is definitely there. They are definitely playing well


The towers are coming together.


Now to test their durability.


The next project took a bit of planning and visioning. Collaborating is key and notes needed to be taken.


These engineers are analyzing different aspects of the project.


Final touches need to be made on this project.


They have completed one of their sections and now are bringing it over to connect with the others.


Success. The projects have been combined.


And the president has overseen the entire operation.

Thanks for having us MarkWest Energy.

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