Voltaic: Solar Powered Little Bits & LEGO

4 years ago, we asked Voltaic Systems to build a solar panel for our LEGO cars. They improved the design since then and shared it on their blog.


From Voltaic:

“We combined LittleBits, Legos, and our 2 Watt, 6 Volt solar panel to create a robot that draws circles with two different colors. The LittleBit components we used were the microUSB power module, the motor, and the dimmer (to change the speed of the motor). The entire circuit requires less than 60mA so it was able to run even when the sun was partially shaded. Sliding the wheel closer or further away from the body of the robot changed the size of the circle that was drawn.

All we needed were some spare Lego pieces, tape, and rubber-bands and our bot was drawing circles in no time! We encourage you to send us pictures of your own Voltaic solar creations.”

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