Playing At The Durham Bulls LEGO Night

We and NCLUG partnered with the Triple A Minor League Team, The Durham Bulls for their LEGO Night.  We had families help us build the Durham Bulls Logo and also build a huge LEGO tower during the game.  Here are some pictures from the event.


Announcing LEGO Night!


Yippee! We are on the scoreboard.


NCLUG brought some of their phenomenal LEGO pieces for LEGO Night.


NCLUG Train club contributed a whole city for the event.


And of course, they made a LEGO Durham Bulls figure.


Kids are hard at work on the Durham LEGO Logo.


A lot of progress is being made on the sign.


We also had a LEGO Tower being built during the game.


You could even see the LEGO Tower on the opposite side of the field.


Here is the completed version of the Durham Bulls LEGO Sign.


Here’s the team that got it done.


We also brought our LEGO cable stay bridge for the event.

If you’d like us to participate in your sporting event, simply complete our Special Events Request Form HERE.

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