Play-Well Outreach

Mission: Provide interactive, educational engineering programs utilizing LEGO to under-served communities that would otherwise not have access to these types of classes.

Play-Well Outreach Programs

School Programs        Hospital Programs        Community Programs


Providing in-school programs that accomplish the following:

  • Make the math and science students are learning in the classroom more relevant.
    • Help answer some of the reasons why students should care about math and science.
  • Have students become more familiar with the engineering field, and in turn, consider engineering as a future profession.

These programs are taught at lower-income schools at a subsidized rate or for free.

Recent Schools: Think College Now, Emerson Elementary, Baldwin Hills Elementary, Cuyama High School


Children’s Hospital
Provide interactive classes for kids to do in their school room, as well as have instructors visit immune-suppressed kids in their room.

Recent Children’s Hospitals: Children’s Hospital of Oakland, Children’s Hospital of Denver

VIP (Veteran Interactive Play) Project
Patients participate in designing, building, and playing with machines out of LEGO.

Recent Hospital: Palo Alto VA Hospital


Provide Play-Well engineering classes to non-profit organizations, reservations and military bases.

Recent programs: Salvation Army, Eastside Arts Alliance


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Check out our list of of other donors to Play-Well Outreach!

2 thoughts on “Play-Well Outreach

  1. Valerie Hostettler says:

    I am interested in having a lego event at our store. My son goes to Venture Prep in Denver. The school is trying very hard to get minorities college bound. My son is not a minority but I think it would be great to have a lego event at our store! Could we talk? Valerie Hostettler, Gnomes Nook, Denver

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