Teaching Engineering to Kids

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Play-Well Style

Just like so many others, our staff was challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Due to the California drought, we came up with a Play-Well way of accomplishing the challenge. We hope you enjoy it. Please donate to further Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research at

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Experiencing LEGO® KidsFest with Play-Well

We love being a part LEGO® KidsFest.  If you have never been to LEGO® KidsFest, it is one of the best LEGO experiences there is.  It’s even better than LEGOLAND in our opinion.  For families who haven’t experience it, we created this walk-through video of the Dallas LEGO® KidsFest to see if we can capture a glimpse of what it is like.  See if you can spot us at the end of the video running the LEGO Technic Booth.  For more information about LEGO Kidsfest, visit  We hope to see you at an event soon!

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Best Shirt We Saw All Summmer…

One of our students showed up to our Play-Well camp in this awesome LEGO outfit.

LEGO Camp T-Shirt

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Tipping Over Our Tallest LEGO Tower Ever

Our students in Fort Collins, CO built one of our tallest LEGO Towers ever in just over an hour. It was approximately 20 ft. tall. We needed to take it apart at the end of the day, so we figured the easiest way was to tip it over. Here is what happened in slo-motion.

If you’d like more information about our Play-Well Engineering with LEGO program, visit



Playing Well with!

We are having so much fun today at Amazon’s Summer Picnic event at CenturyLink Field. We got our LEGO booth rocking and rolling. Never thought we’d ever be playing with LEGO at the stadium of the Super Bowl Winners, Seattle Seahawks. Feeling extremely appreciative.


IMG_4752 IMG_5379 IMG_6396 IMG_8427If you’d like us to come to your Bring Your Kid To Work Day, simply fill out a request for here.


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Building Future Engineers at Adobe Systems


We are ready for all the future engineers at Adobe in Lehi, UT.


Adobe 5

We take kids of all ages at these events. These two competitive Adobe employees are getting ready to battle with jousting monorails in this all-out engineering challenge.


We even got our own sign for the event at the Adobe Bring Your Kids To Work Day in San Jose, CA.


We built the Adobe campus out of LEGO, including a waterway and motorized spinning satellites.


Based on a request, we even created an Adobe Private Jet to land in our Adobe City.

If you are interested in us participating in your Bring Your Kids To Work Day Event, email Jeff at  Also, check out our Bring Your Kids To Work Day Event here.

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Our Instructor Is Building An Iron Man Outfit

Want to know how nerdy & awesome our instructors are? One of our instructors in Connecticut, Michael, is building a life size Iron Man outfit out of cardboard. Here is the helmet. We will definitely share more details as it gets completed.

Iron Man Cardboard Helmet


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