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LEGO Circus Event

On Saturday, October 18th, 2014 we helped out at a private company event that included circus performers and stilt walkers.  We provided a fun LEGO activity for many of the families that attended.


We brought the LEGO replica of the new Bay Bridge Span for the event. You can see one of the performers in the background.



We even created a few LEGO stories underneath the Bay Bridge.


It was a beautiful event right near the beach.


We held drag racing competitions, where kids could build their own car and see how fast they could make it.


One of the young builders even created a lifting hook on their vehicle to ensure they won most races. Ingenious idea. We may just hire this builder one day.

If you’d like us to participate in one of your organization’s events, please email Jeff Harry at  Play Well!

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We Broke The Guinness World Record For The World’s Longest LEGO Chain

On Saturday, September 27th, 2014, families from all over Ventura County, in collaboration with Conejo Recreation and Park District, Rotary International, and us, Play Well TEKnologies, attempted to break the world record for the World’s Longest LEGO Chain. The previous record was 565 meters, set by families in Wilsau, Switzerland in 2003.

In approximately 6 hours and 53 minutes, using over 190,000 LEGO pieces, 447 local residents created a new record measuring in at 902.51 meters (2961 ft.). As the charity event was a fundraiser for building a special needs playground called the Rotary DreamCatcher Playground, many families with special needs children came to help built the LEGO chain. This event coincide with the 50th anniversary of the city of Thousand Oaks.  At 3:03 PM, we added the last chain link which put us over 902 meters. It was an amazing event that we will never forget.  Check out some of the photos of the event below.

World LEGO Chain Event 2

World LEGO Chain Event 3

The first LEGO chain links were laid down by Alice at 8:08 AM. She was joining the parade to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the City of Thousand Oaks, but had time to build a few chains before then.

World LEGO Chain Event 4-0

One of our builders, JJ, was able to lay in the LEGO bath. We eventually used all the LEGO bricks in the LEGO bath.

World LEGO Chain Event Photo 2

Here is more LEGO being shared, so we can complete this World Record LEGO Chain.

World LEGO Chain Event 10

These kids have a system when making their LEGO chains.


World Lego Chain Event 4-1

Two builder focused as the build their LEGO chains in the LEGO bath.

World LEGO Chain Event 4-3

All these chain links are ready to be taken over to the LEGO chain. 20 2×4 bricks made up the chain.


World LEGO Chain Event 5

One of our builders, Colton, had been talking about this event all week. He was one of the first builders at the event in the morning.


World LEGO Chain Event 6

This builder liked to get his chains done while sitting in a bucket of LEGO. The chain at this point measured over 450 meters. 106 meters shy of the record.

World LEGO Chain Event 7

We are almost finished with the LEGO chain at this point. We constantly measured to chain to see how far we were from the record. And waited till the very end to reveal the result.


Here is some of the Play-Well staff that helped coordinate the building of the LEGO chain. Two amazing Play-Well staffers who helped out, Michael Sidebottom and James Castellano are missing from this picture, but are just as awesome.

World LEGO Chain Event 9

We lined up all the participants to let them know what the result was. And the final result was….


902.51 meters, breaking the previous record by over 350 meters. It took approximately 6 hours and 53 minutes to do it. 447 people participated in this event over the course of the day.



World LEGO Chain Event 8

We then attempted another World Record. All the residents cleaned up 190,000 LEGO bricks in the span of 10 minutes and 11 seconds. We don’t know if there was a record before then, but there should be one now.

Thanks everyone that participated in this amazing event.  To see more pictures from the event, visit our Play-Well Facebook Page.  If you’d like us to help your community break another LEGO record, email Jeff at

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Playing Well at Google’s Kid Develop It Day

On September 25th, we were invited by Google to participate in their Kids Develop It Event in Denver. We brought out many of our LEGO NXT projects, including our LEGO maze, claw, and conveyor belt. Thanks Google for having us!  If you’d like us to come to your corporate event, simply email us here.

Kids Develop It Event at Google 1 Kids Develop It Event at Google 2 Kids Develop It Event at Google 4 Kids Develop It Event at Google 6 Kids Develop It Event at Google 8

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Our Play-Well Kid Size LEGO Car

We built these kid size LEGO cars that six of our students are driving in the San Anselmo County Fair & Parade this Saturday, September 28th.  This vehicle has one of our 40 tooth gears on it as a steering wheel.

LEGO Parade Car


Email us if you’d like us to be a part of your parade.



Press Advisory: Building The World’s Longest LEGO Chain

Dream Catcher Rotary Project

Register At This Link Here:

WHEN: SATURDAY, September 27th, 2014, 8 AM – 2 PM

WHERE: Thousand Oaks City Hall, 2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA

WHY: On September 7th, 2003, 700 Swiss children helped build the World’s Longest LEGO Chain, measuring over 565 meters to celebrate the 700th year anniversary of their city, Willisau.

11 years later, as part of 50th anniversary celebration of the town of Thousand Oaks, CA, families from all over Ventura County will attempt to break the Swiss record for charity.  This charity event is a collaboration between the Conejo Recreation & Park District, Rotary International, and Play-Well TEKnologies.  The main goal of the event is to raise money to build a state of the art community playground for children with special needs and their families.  The playground will be called the Rotary Dreamcatcher Playground.  It would be one of the first playgrounds of its kind built in America.

Special Needs Playground

Register At This Link Here:

LEGO Chain Design

Register At This Link Here:

In order to break the World Record for the longest LEGO Chain, community volunteers will need to build approximately 94 meters/hour.  Over 100,000 LEGO bricks will be on hand for families to help build with.  If successfully done, the outward spiral circle will fill a majority of the Thousand Oaks City Hall lawn.  A number of participants joining the event will be from the developmentally disabled population of the surrounding community.  There will also be a number of elected officials and community leaders, as well as their children and grandchildren helping to figuratively “link the community together.”

Come out and see this World Record attempt and if you sign up to participate, you could be a part of breaking a Guinness Book of World Record.  Not a bad Saturday accomplishment.

Click HERE for more information about the World’s Record LEGO Chain Event!

Event Organizer: Ron Block



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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Play-Well Style

Just like so many others, our staff was challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Due to the California drought, we came up with a Play-Well way of accomplishing the challenge. We hope you enjoy it. Please donate to further Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research at

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Experiencing LEGO® KidsFest with Play-Well

We love being a part LEGO® KidsFest.  If you have never been to LEGO® KidsFest, it is one of the best LEGO experiences there is.  It’s even better than LEGOLAND in our opinion.  For families who haven’t experience it, we created this walk-through video of the Dallas LEGO® KidsFest to see if we can capture a glimpse of what it is like.  See if you can spot us at the end of the video running the LEGO Technic Booth.  For more information about LEGO Kidsfest, visit  We hope to see you at an event soon!


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