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Girl Scouts Putting the E in STEM with Play-Well

We collaborated with a Girl Scout Troop in Ventura County in a Build-A-Car Event.  The Ventura County Star came out to report on the event.

“This past weekend, Play-Well TEKnologies hosted 17 Girl Scouts from four different Daisy troops throughout Ventura County in a Build-A-Car Event. Each Daisy Scout, aged 5 to 7, was able to build and operate a motorized car and learn about the physics behind each car part.

Girl Scouts are committed to empowering girls – especially in fields that need a greater presence of girls, like Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Play-Well TEKnologies is an educational outreach committed to teaching STEM concepts to all children through Legos and play.”

Press Source: Ventura County Star

Here are some additional pictures from the event.

IMG_0983 IMG_0985 IMG_0988 IMG_0991 IMG_1010


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Play-Well Families Visit San Francisco Giants LEGO Day

The San Francisco Giants held the first ever professional sporting event LEGO Day on Saturday, September 12th, 2015.  We invited Play-Well families to come out to the event and over 100 families decided to come.  To identify them amongst the tens of thousands of people that were there, we distributed Play-Well SF Giants LEGO Bow Ties.  This was really helpful, as we were able to find them amongst the crowd.  Here are some pictures from the event.

SF 0

The President of San Francisco Giants sporting one of our Play-Well LEGO Bow Ties.


SF 1

Some of our families go to meet Chris Steininger, one of just 7 LEGO Master Builders in the world. We work with Chris at LEGO Kidsfest, a national LEGO Tour.


SF 2

Even the Seal Mascot was made in LEGO.


SF 5

Check out the three. A Child, a mini LEGO Seal Mascot, and the three Seal Mascot. Simply awesome.


SF 6

We brought 30 extra SF Giants LEGO Bow Ties with us just in case we had additional families that wanted them. A lot of people asked us, where did we get the LEGO Bow Ties?


SF 7

Some of our Play-Well staff got to see kids that they have taught at LEGO Day. We could identify this family by both the LEGO Bow Ties and the cape.


SF 9

This family had a nifty way of wearing their SF Giants LEGO Bow Ties. It almost led to a perfect game.


SF 8

Even the President of Play-Well Tim Bowen and his wife came to the event.


SF 9.5

LEGO unveiled their SF Giants LEGO Buster Posey statue before the game.



SF 10

Buster Posey statue was made up of over 20,000 pieces of LEGO and weighed over 85 lbs.

SF 11

Here is LEGO Master Builder Chris explaining how he built it.

SF 12

Some of our staff and our families posing between innings.

SF 14

Our LEGO Designer, Marco, Michael our San Francisco Manager and his family.

SF 15

We saw this family’s LEGO Bow Ties on the BART ride there.

SF 16

We even gave one to the concession stand guy. Looks good.

SF 17

This family came all the way from Roseville, CA for the event.

SF 19

Steve Parmley, one of the coordinators of Bricks By the Bay, even attended with his family. Check out his SF Giants necklace made out of LEGO.

SF 13

Thanks San Francisco Giants and LEGO for putting this event together. We hope to attend it again next year.

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Help Improve Our Play-Well Program!

We are constantly working to improve our Play-Well Program, so that your child is not only having the best time, but also finds it enriching and enlightening. To do this, we need feedback from parents letting us know where we need to improve. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on our program. By completing this 10-minute survey, you can enter your school to win a PTA/PTO Engineering with LEGO workshop. We hope to have your child in another one of our Play-Well programs soon. Click on the link below to complete the form. Thank you!


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Amazon-SLO LEGO Building Competition with Engineers

In August, we worked with Amazon San Luis Obispo office, doing a team building LEGO competition.  The challenge for 50 or so engineers was to build famous structure through history and then adding a famous director twist to the structure.  Here is what they were able to come up with.  Pretty cool LEGO creations built in such a short span of time.


Amazon Engineers hard at work.


The structures are coming together.




Here are some of the ideas they came up with.


Check out this awesome Taj Mahal.


Do you remember what movie Red Rum was in? This is part of the Machu Picchu Maze.


Check out the coliseum.


The Great Pyramid of Giza.



The Lighthouse of Alexandria with a Wes Anderson twist.

If you’d like us to do a team building event for your organization, simply click here to request more information.

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College Basketball Team Plays Well with LEGO

We were asked by a college basketball team to create a team building event for their players that got them to think in a collaborative way outside of the court.  We created a project that tied it their shooting prowess, their LEGO building skills, and their ability to communicate and delegate.  Overall, a really fun event and our first with a college team.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.22.27 PM

If you’d like us to provide a team building event for your team or organization, simply click here to request more information.

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Playing At The Durham Bulls LEGO Night

We and NCLUG partnered with the Triple A Minor League Team, The Durham Bulls for their LEGO Night.  We had families help us build the Durham Bulls Logo and also build a huge LEGO tower during the game.  Here are some pictures from the event.


Announcing LEGO Night!


Yippee! We are on the scoreboard.


NCLUG brought some of their phenomenal LEGO pieces for LEGO Night.


NCLUG Train club contributed a whole city for the event.


And of course, they made a LEGO Durham Bulls figure.


Kids are hard at work on the Durham LEGO Logo.


A lot of progress is being made on the sign.


We also had a LEGO Tower being built during the game.


You could even see the LEGO Tower on the opposite side of the field.


Here is the completed version of the Durham Bulls LEGO Sign.


Here’s the team that got it done.


We also brought our LEGO cable stay bridge for the event.

If you’d like us to participate in your sporting event, simply complete our Special Events Request Form HERE.

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Force Friday – Play-Well Style

Today is . We created a homage for the new Star Wars movie. May the 4th Be With You.

Star Wars


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